Sunday, June 16, 2013

It was the first and last time We Were Promised Jetpacks played at Maxwells

6/16/13 19:09 Home

On Friday night Amanda said the band responded to her and she and one guest were on their guest list at Maxwells.  I have to give her credit, she is persistent.  I am feeling the pain of a long night, sitting in the room half awake and sore from playing three hours of basketball with the guys from work yesterday morning.  What time do they go on? I asked.  She checked – the doors open at 10 PM.  What?  Yeah, there is another band playing there at 7 PM.  We left the house at 6:45. I figured we’d get to Hoboken, get something to eat and walk around the city before we went inside.  I don’t like tunnels, as some may know, but the traffic was light as we drove under the East and Hudson rivers.  I am getting used tunnels and don’t avoid them like I used to.   In Hoboken, I bought some cheap Jersey gas and parked the car and we walked to Maxwells.  Hoboken has some beautiful brownstones, young families walking with strollers and little kids who were cheerful on their scooters ringing their bells.  We both liked the quaint town and found Maxwells.  There they are, Amanda said.  Let’s go and thank them.  I don’t want to.  We walked in behind them and said thank you to Mike who was getting some cash at an ATM machine, he said something cheerful. We were seated next to a window.  The band ate in the center of the dining room.  Finally, I walked up to Sean who turned around and said, “Hey Mike, you’re here.”   I was surprised he remembered my name and I asked if I can buy them a round.  He thanked me and said they were planning to go to another pub before the sound check.  “Amanda is on the other side of the wall if you’d like to say hello.  Sure.   He came over and asked where we were from, Long Island.  I reminded him of speaking to Amanda on her birthday and he said he remembered as well as meeting us in Philadelphia.  I didn’t know we were going on so late, he said sort of apologizing for a late night.  No worries.  So, you’re leaving tomorrow?  Yeah, after tonight we’re going to Brooklyn and spending the night there and then flying out.   Mo Cheeks and I took a walk down to the river to see the city, it was a clear night and I pointed out the marquee in Times Square.  We walked on slabs for a sidewalk, a tree laded street, a quiet neighborhood with gates and brown stones.  The homes were pristine.  This is why the market is so high within Hoboken, it’s a beautiful city.  We went in and took our spots a few rows back.  At 11 PM, the lights flickered and the band strolled through the packed crowd and walked onto the stage.  Random thoughts like this could be my last show at Maxwells since it's closing for good in weeks, who were the guests who will play with them, is that pot I smell?  What?  The scent of beer and a brown haired girl with straight hair…they are on.  The stage is smaller than Stony Pony, the drum set is up against the back wall.  Sean still moved as best he could and had an intense glare at times, Mike on lead strummed with closed eyes and leaned down a few times as he played.  What a full sound emanated from his speakers, I honed in on him.  The sellout crowd was at times boisterous, like the guy who double fisted his beers and told everyone around he was buying them a drink.  “What are you drinking?  He called out after most songs.  Scotland!  And there were times when the crowd sounded like a choir as we sang in broken beer drenched voices with Adam.  Their first and last night playing at Maxwell's, the last night in America on this short tour and this was a show they wanted us to remember.  After the first couple of songs, Adam asked if the the stage light shining on his face from the low ceiling could be turned off.  Once it was darkened…night crept onto the stage, their speakers and machines were dotted by tiny colored lights like stars in a clear night.  The band appeared like dim shadows against the dark back drop.   It became even more intimate in the room for all of us.  And like a snap of a finger Adam thanked the audience for coming and the band went into It’s thunder and it’s lightening…the show was over.    Amanda is now recognized; Adam saw her after the set and called out to her.    Darren, their drummer recognized her as well and thanked her for coming.  We spoke to Mike for a couple of minutes since Amanda wanted to say thank you again to Sean.  I asked Mike when is their next release?  He said it’s a live album which they working on…once that is released they’d be back in the states for another tour.   And we will be there for at least two nights.  This morning I pulled the car into the driveway at 2:30, slowly with sore muscles I got out and looked up at the clear sky; the stars were out and it was all worth it, Amanda was happy.  I am one cool dad this Father's day morning.

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