Monday, May 5, 2014

Bill Weld, former MASS. Gov flies on Pen Air from Islip

5/5/14 Woburn, MA 21:37

This morning I flew to Logan from Islip.  I wrote about the new airlines on a previous blog and can say with certainty there are more passengers flying with this airline.  Even a former governor of Massachusetts is flying Pen Air from Long Island to Logan.  It’s true.  After I pass through security I’m putting on my belt and tying my shoes. I notice Bill Weld, the governor who was in front of me in the security line, and there he was getting his belt back on after he passed through.  Now, I should have said something there, but I was not sure if it was him.  It could have been an Irishman on a trip.  I let it go.  I bought water and walked to the gate.  There was Bill in front of me and after a quick check on the Google, I walked over and introduced myself.  This is a republican who I wrote a letter to the editor at Newsday.  I thought he’d be a great governor for New York and was willing (2005) to go out and knock on some doors.  Up in the clouds he sat in a different row and I thought of what else I can say.  We land.  The stewardess tells me; our flight was the first of 6 that day for her.  Next was Plattsburgh.  Bill said as he leaned down to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling, “Give my regards to Plattsburgh, that’s God’s country.”  The stewardess looked confused and I told her as he walked down the narrow metal stair case, he’s the former governor of Massachusetts.  “I thought he looked familiar.”  I approached him and he looked me dead in the eye.  Are you still writing books?  “I’m working on a memoir, but the agents feel it’s too didactic.”  Really?  I’m curious.  He said he’s out of politics and working 12 hour days and doesn’t have the time to write.  We exchanged cards and went our ways and I was thinking as he passed through the terminal in Boston, how come no one recognizes this man? We can all fade away into anonymous worlds… if we let the details blur from pale memories.

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