Saturday, May 17, 2014

Raising dollars for the American Cancer Society

May 17, 2014 19:20

This morning I was up early.  I washed the dishes and cleaned and mopped the floors downstairs, all before Ali came downstairs.  I promised her last night I’d take care of the dishes since she was exhausted putting together a yard sale we had today.  All of the money will be donated to The American cancer society.  I donated some ties and baseballs to the sale, in fact a signed John McCain which I can’t sell on EBay or even the yard sale.  I can understand, the senator lost the election and seems bitter, but his signature has to be worth…$20?  Last week we had an art auction at our church; this was also for the American Cancer Society.   Eric, my talented brother-in-law played his guitar and sang.  I donated some paintings and printed poems which I wrote…none were purchased.  Just as well, since Ali said she wanted to keep one of my poems, not that she felt the same for my paintings.  I can see why.  One of the paintings was bizarre.  All of the money is part of the Relay for Life for American Cancer Society which is an all-night event.  It will take place in a few weeks at JFK Middle School.   We have a team, The Gordon Gang and have met our goal to raise $2,000.  Ali would like to make it $2,500.  If you’d like to donate to the team, send me an email or a message on Facebook, Twitter or send me a text and I’ll send a link. 

A few thoughts on the Sharing Garden; watching the plants rise from the dark soil, the stiff potato leaves bask in the sun and after the heavy rains from last night… life radiates in the green.  Last week we had a few hands in the garden as I was picking up Amanda in Boston.  Today, Jeff and I were out there weeding and pulling up the last of the plastic patch, weed block and laying down the mulch.  His daughters helped and we called it a day after a couple of hours.  I can say, at this point, we have an organic garden.

This week I am on vacation.  I’m looking towards working in our yard, and the Sharing Garden as well as assisting at a real organic farm out East on Monday.  I’m looking forward to not checking work emails. I want to engage in the edits of my completed novel which I've been procrastinating.  I may paint and open one of the books I have collected over the years.  I may not and just…be…present…in the moment I have been blessed with.

It's 66 degrees, the birds are singing and calling it a day as I wrap this up at 20:00...

Thank you for reading this.

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