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From a peaceful Organic Farm out East to the Magical Spectacle of Walt Disney World!

5/30/14 06:57
Last Monday we flew back from Orlando.  Ever get nervous with the slightest turbulence?  I was like that on the way back to Long Island, and there was no reason for the nerves - the flight was fairly smooth.  We spent a total of four days at the Disney Parks.  Left last Thursday on a 6:15 flight from Islip.  It was the first time flying for the whole family in about ten years.  Joe was nervous as well as Bella who sat next to me on both legs since I have more experience flying.  The time together at Disney was a graduation gift for Emma Tess who is graduating from high school, as well as Ali and I celebrating our twentieth anniversary.  I took the week off from work since it was…time to take a week off.  The first day of vacation was volunteering almost a full day out at Quill Hill Farm in Amagansett where the stoic poet and noble farmer, Scott Chaskey warmly welcomed us.  The organic farm is on the Southern fork on Long Island.  It was a beautiful day, a good gust of win…

Raising dollars for the American Cancer Society

May 17, 2014 19:20
This morning I was up early.  I washed the dishes and cleaned and mopped the floors downstairs, all before Ali came downstairs.  I promised her last night I’d take care of the dishes since she was exhausted putting together a yard sale we had today.  All of the money will be donated to The American cancer society.  I donated some ties and baseballs to the sale, in fact a signed John McCain which I can’t sell on EBay or even the yard sale.  I can understand, the senator lost the election and seems bitter, but his signature has to be worth…$20?  Last week we had an art auction at our church; this was also for the American Cancer Society.   Eric, my talented brother-in-law played his guitar and sang.  I donated some paintings and printed poems which I wrote…none were purchased.  Just as well, since Ali said she wanted to keep one of my poems, not that she felt the same for my paintings.  I can see why.  One of the paintings was bizarre.  All of the money is part of the…

Bill Weld, former MASS. Gov flies on Pen Air from Islip

5/5/14 Woburn, MA 21:37

This morning I flew to Logan from Islip.  I wrote about the new airlines on a previous blog and can say with certainty there are more passengers flying with this airline.  Even a former governor of Massachusetts is flying Pen Air from Long Island to Logan.  It’s true.  After I pass through security I’m putting on my belt and tying my shoes. I notice Bill Weld, the governor who was in front of me in the security line, and there he was getting his belt back on after he passed through.  Now, I should have said something there, but I was not sure if it was him.  It could have been an Irishman on a trip.  I let it go.  I bought water and walked to the gate.  There was Bill in front of me and after a quick check on the Google, I walked over and introduced myself.  This is a republican who I wrote a letter to the editor at Newsday.  I thought he’d be a great governor for New York and was willing (2005) to go out and knock on some doors.  Up in the clouds he sat in a di…