Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding The Replacements Let It Be House

19:52 35,000 feet Above America, after leaving Tampa… Turbulance again, though I thought this would be a smoother ride. Nothing like flying up and against the gulf stream. There is no walking allowed or getting up, we’re locked into our seats. The New Yorkers who were a festive bunch before we took off are quiet. Their accents are thick and rich and yes can be annoying, but they are joyous – or were joyous. Maybe we’re going against the wind. Soon the farts will be passed, the sweat which is starting to kick in will trickle off down on skin. At least I had enough time to grab a salad and ice tea. I also have my seat with the extra leg room, which has been a bonus on all of these flights. The pilot is trying to get out of the wind. The woman sitting in front of me is reading Shades in LARGE font and I find myself peeking over her shoulder and then the plane shakes and I stop looking over her shoulder. As if God is warning me…keep it up…I will shake this thing all I want. They are handing out snacks, little bags, small as a nickel bag and maybe some pretzels. The woman reading SHADES squirms in her seat. Looks like I will be home before midnight, maybe by 11? Man what the heck is this turbulence? I have another Bud Lite coming. I should write about my run today in Minneapolis. I love this run; it takes me over the Mississippi, passed some old remnants of factories. The pilot said the rocking should last about twenty minutes. Nice. It’s tough to type…anyway, got my run in and headed out to find the house where the Replacements took the picture for their Let it Be cover. Mike Sweeney sent it to me earlier and I popped the address in the GPS since I had time before dropping off the rental. I arrived there in a few minutes. I saw a man riding a bicycle who walked up and in the house. I ran up and knocked on the front door, but I’m sure he had run into many Mats fans. An Asian woman – a hipster - walked past and I asked her like an idiot is this where The Replacements took their? Who? She asked. The Replacements. I don’t know? Before I pulled away I saw a man walking his dog, roughly around the age of 50. A fair assumption he should know The Replacements. I walked up to him. Excuse me? He was ignoring me. I walked closer. Excuse me? I got his attention. He looked at me and said, “I’m deaf.” The genius that I am stays with the question thus ignoring his disability. Is this where The Replacements took the picture for the Let It Be album cover? The Beatles? He asked. No. He asked me to write my question down into his smart phone. He asked if I checked Wikapedia…he looked it up, found the cover and we both walked up and down the sidewalk inspecting the house in silence. He shook his head and said, I don’t think so…I drove off after taking this picture for your discernment.


  1. This is indeed the house.
    I live in Minneapolis; moved here in 1992 partially out of a love for the local music of the '80s and '90s. In less than a year I was living at 2101 Bryant Ave. S. and would walk down this block all the time. Once I looked up and noticed a familiar-looking building, I went a block back to my apartment, got my LP of "Let It Be" and made a visual comparison, I was pretty convinced. My then-girlfriend (also a 'Mats fan) had the same reaction you got from the fifty-year-old neighbor: "I don't think so". A short time later the fanzine I wrote for in the mid '90s ("The Squealer") published an interview with Bob Stinson (as part of a memorial issue) in which he confirmed that 2215 Bryant Ave. S. was, indeed the house. Hope that helps! -AO

  2. Thank you AO, it certainly helps. You live in a great city and a beautiful block.
    Be well,



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