Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travelling back to Fargo

8/28/12 11:30 Fargo Yesterday was a travelling day. Flew from Islip to Baltimore and then Chicago and then to Minneapolis, and then drove three plus hours through rush hour traffic till I hit 94. The speed limit is 70. I was pulled over for travelling 89. With an apology and confusion where the speed dominator was, the officer gave me a written warning. After getting lost to my hotel in Moor Head, I was given directions from the front office. Found the place and a burrito spot. The woman at the front desk was very pleasant and pushed back her blonde bob hair cut which was cut fashionably…she looked like she could be a second cousin, just in the eyes. Ate dinner late. Beer and bed, and how I stunk. Awaful stench, but I fell asleep soundly in my stench and clean sheets. Worked on some emails, showered, shaved and out of the door for a 0900 appointment. I was early and picked up some donuts and muffins for my 10:00 appointment. I’m not looking forward to driving three plus hours back to MSP, but I have tickets to a Twins game tonight and will hang out with Dan Schwartz - the baseball encyclopedia. Time to work….I wanted to write something in Fargo and this was it.

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