Sunday, September 11, 2016

Foghat Strikes Back with a new album!

9/11/16 Bethlehem, PA 21:49

It’s amazing to think it was fifteen years ago today.  More at another time and place.  I drove up here since tomorrow my company is having a golf outing.  The last time I played golf was more than four years ago.  I don’t like leaving my house on a Sunday, but the car was a Mustang with a sweet kick and the music, Foghat was perfect for driving on any open highway.  Let me tell you a little about what I was listening to.

After three years of production, Foghat has released an impressive new album, Under the Influence on Foghat Records.  It will meet the anticipated expectations from their fans and I hope will make an impact on some younger ears.   Under the Influence was recorded at Boogie Motel South in Deland Florida.   It contains a mixture of classic rock and Southern rock. The third song on the album, a bluesy, slide guitar, a burst in the murky darkness under the shadows of a full moon is titled, Ghost, I imagined a mythical Gothic creature rising up from the dark everglades.  This was one is a hidden gem and stands alone on the album.  Sorry for going backwards, but the second song on the album is: Knock it Off.  This will be a song which will grab you and have you repeating the lines such as, “You keep pushing and pushing…I see you’re looking for trouble, well I can start some too.”  I can see this song playing in a car chase in a movie.  Maybe a Mustang making a break for freedom?  There goes the imagination.   Upside of Lonely, tells the story of a man who is living alone after his lover left him.  “I can stay up late and play my guitar, and the groceries go twice as far… Haven’t cut the grass since the middle of June.”  Heard it through the Grapevine is a crisp and original rendition of this CCR classic.  Pay attention to the background vocals from Dana Fuchs who rips this song from her heart and soul.   Honey Do List is a light piece which pokes fun at the chores all of us are obligated to do or asked to do or demanded - we complete.  The last song is to celebrate Foghat’s classic hit Slow Ride. 40 years!  There is a multitude of background vocals from fans who donated to the campaign to raise funds to record and release this album.  I could not hear them distinctly.  My hope is the next time I see Foghat they will play a few songs off this album since they should be added to their set list.  I recommend picking up a copy of this album and taking a long drive as the music blasts from the speakers.

If I was to rate the album 8/10

Bryan Bassett, lead guitar, slide guitar and background vocals as well as engineer.
Roger Earl, drums and background vocal and original member of the band.
Craig MacGregor, Bass
Charlie Huhn, lead vocals and lead guitar
Special guests, Kim Simmonds, Nick Jameson, Producer Tom Hambridge

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