Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Long Island Ducks lost the championship in a barren stadium

10/16/16 19:31 Home

My apologies for the lucky five who read this blog on a consistent basis.  This is one I wanted to get in before the baseball season is completely over. This entry is about the Long Island Ducks who were swept in the Atlantic League Championship at home by the Sugarland Skeeters.  The week before the Ducks were selling playoff tickets for $5.00.  Ali and I took Joe and Bella.  Big spenders.  I was surprised there was a small turnout.  Five bucks for a playoff game…on the weekend?  Why?  But I guess the weather was a little chilly for a few fans and most decided to skip it.  They missed a good game, the Ducks won, tying that playoff series against the Somerset Patriots. I decided to take in the deciding game the next night to see if they could pull it off and they did.  Again, there was minimal fan support.  Why?  During the regular season The Ducks sell very well, so I was surprised.  I assumed their fan base would be there.  Instead, I saw the same kid with the green face, the other kid with a mitt who looked too old to be chasing foul balls.  I was like you, so don’t let anyone discourage you brother!  Get the ball.  Later in the week, I bought two tickets behind the Ducks dugout for the first home game in the championship series.  I thought Ali or Bella would join me.  Skeeters won the first two at home and it was a best of five.   The weather was miserable.  Rain was off and on and it was a crappy day.  I called the stadium to see if the game was on.  Yes, was the answer.  Great.  No one wanted to join me, so I walked in and grabbed a beer and took a seat which was dried by the usher with a damp towel.  The Ducks looked like a different team.  It turned out that it was the last game of the season.  The Skeeters won and celebrated in a near empty stadium on Long Island, far away from their Texas fans. I watched them jump on each other as I walked out with a dozen or so miserable fans.  Why did I go?

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